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Interested in more abstracts by Lisa Zavitz?
Check out the Central Clusters series here.

This series of mixed media acrylic paintings, using an abstracted format in a bold painterly style, was inspired by the global symbol of the egg. The egg has been interwoven by an array of symbolic, metaphorical and philosophical connotations through out the ages. It is the embodiment of pure, positive associations and a universal symbol of promise and potential. The incorporation of the egg as a figurative vessel within my artwork is representative of the incubation of our ideas, feelings and thoughts that lie within a fragile but resilient protective shell. The size, colour and texture of the egg formations embody those varying life transformations. A figurative receptacle personifying the many stages of an individual’s inner growth and place within society.


Can we break free through our own protective shell to emerge renewed or stay within retrospectively? 

Transform your space with one of these on your wall. 

For more information and to purchase please contact Lisa directly.

 lisazavitzartist *at* gmail *dot* com

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