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Interested in more abstracts by Lisa Zavitz?
Check out the Transitions series here.
Central Clusters

This series of mixed media acrylic paintings are my continual progression into the abstract format using a central cluster design. The intrigue and challenge of allowing negative space to encompass the central concept excites my visual sensibility. I am inspired by the effect that can be achieved by the simple variance of color and line, the interplay of shapes and edges and the relationship that is created by the use of pattern and scale. The circular form combined with organic shapes and textures are prevalent elements in my work.


My journey is to explore the infinite ways that different materials can be transformed into rich and expressive visual statements. 

The Central Cluster pieces are produced on printmaking paper and mounted on black painted birchwood

1" deep panels and are ready to hang.

Transform your space with one of these on your wall. 

For more information and to purchase please contact Lisa directly.

 lisazavitzartist *at* gmail *dot* com

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